Vertical Centrifugal Submerged Type Process Pump

Closed Type and Semi-open Type Impeller designs are offered to handle a variety of liquids. Impeller & Casing designed for maximum Hydraulic Efficiency and minimum thrust on rotating assembly.

Unique space saving design due to Vertical mounting of Pump. Impeller Casing totally submerged in liquid so no priming or air venting required. Inside tank and outside tank mounting designs available for respective applications.

Glandless Type and/or vapour sealing type execution available. In vapour sealing design, the Gland and acid resistant asbestos packing prevents the leakage of vapours of hazardous liquids from coming out. Thus the Environment is kept free from pollution and dangers of inflammable obnoxious liquids. Jacketed stuffing box/bearing housing designs available for high temperature services.

Very rigid construction with extra wall thickness provided for corrosive applications. It is virtually maintenance free. Jacketed construction for Pump is given for handling viscous liquids like Molten Sulphur, Molten Lead etc. Discharge/Suction Flanges confirm to ASA/DIN Standards.

  • In search of Excellence, We reserve our right to alter or change specifications without prior notice.

Transfer and circulation of Acids, Alkalis, Molten Sulphur, Molten Lead and other Volatile Liquids in Chemical, Fertilizer, Process and other Allied industries.

Graded Cast Iron, Cast Steels, CA15, CF8M, Ni-Resist, DIN 4136, 28/2 CrMo Steel, CN7M, R-55, Duplex Stainless Steel, CD4MCu Hastalloy grades & Special Stainless Steel Alloys.

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